April Sustainability

Supporting Sustainability in April

April 14, 2022
by Team SESLOC

As we celebrate our 80th anniversary, we’re preserving our community for the next 80 years by doing 80 local acts that have a global impact. Read about our first set of acts here, and see what’s new below!

Here’s the impact so far:

9. In March, our employees participated in SLO RideShare’s alternative commute contest, saving 4,239.2 lbs of CO2 from entering our air.

10. We have special “green” parking spots designated for carpool or fuel-efficient vehicles at our headquarters.

11. We have bike racks at our headquarters and branches to support alternative commuting methods.

12. Reducing food waste is a great way to save money and go green. In our April newsletter, we shared an article with tips — Is Your Money Molding in the Fridge? 

13. In our April newsletter, we shared 5 tips for going green and saving money. For example, did you know that wonky alignment, underinflated tires, unnecessary cargo, and aggressive driving habits seriously strain your car’s fuel efficiency?

14. Why should you be tree-free? Paper statements and bills alone generate almost two million tons of carbon dioxide, according to the National Geographic Society. In our April newsletter, we promoted eStatements as a way for members to reduce their environmental impact.

15. We offer Docusign so members can sign forms remotely and save a trip to the branch.

16. We offer EasyPay Online so members can make their loan payments remotely, saving them a stamp and a trip to the post office.

Stay tuned to learn about more ways we’re promoting sustainability.