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5 Ways to Make a Deposit After Hours

March 29, 2021
by Team SESLOC

Making deposits is easier than ever, with 5 ways to fund your account while skipping a branch visit:

1. Make a Mobile Deposit

You may be aware that mobile check deposits are secure and convenient — but are you aware of these other handy benefits? Mobile deposits are completely contactless, funds are accessible within minutes,* and your records are instantly updated. Simply snap a picture of your endorsed check with the SESLOC Mobile App and deposit it to your account.

2. Set Up Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit allows employers to send your paycheck electronically directly to your SESLOC checking or savings account so there’s no delay in accessing your hard-earned funds. As a bonus? You get access to your funds up to one day early** at SESLOC. To set up Direct Deposit,  you will need to provide your account number and the SESLOC routing number. Your employer may also offer Payroll Deductions, which allows you to divide your deposit into different accounts, such as your savings, or even to automatically pay your SESLOC loans.

3. Make a Transfer

SESLOC’s Online Banking allows you to move money to and from your SESLOC Account and other financial institutions. Set up and verification is required, and please allow 2-3 business days to transfer funds. You can even set up recurring transfers to automate your deposits.

4. Visit an ATM

We offer more than 50 local surcharge-free ATMs, and many of these accept deposits when you use your SESLOC Debit card. Don’t have a card? We can issue you one by phone or instantly at any SESLOC branch. 

5. Use the Branch Drop Box

Drop boxes are found inside and outside at every SESLOC branch, so you can make a deposit after hours. Please ensure that your deposit indicates the account to apply it to.

*Please see complete terms and conditions of the Mobile Deposit service in the Online Banking and Mobile Banking Agreement & Disclosure.
**Early access to direct deposit funds subject to employer and/or payer terms and conditions. SESLOC Credit Union (“Credit Union”) generally makes these funds available on the day the payment file is received, which may be up to one (1) day earlier than the scheduled payment date. The Credit Union cannot guarantee early access of a direct deposit payment. Other exceptions may apply.

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