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Direct Deposit is convenient, quick and safe.

With Direct Deposit, checks can't get lost, stolen or delayed, so funds are readily available on the date your check is issued. Tax refunds, paychecks, Social Security or any recurring checks are automatically deposited, even if you're sick or on vacation. That means no delays, no standing in lines, and no worries.

To deposit recurring checks, you will need:

  • SESLOC's routing number:  3 2 2 2 8 2 7 1 3
  • check showing routing and account number locationYour account number:
    • For Savings Deposits - use your account number as it appears on your statement.
    • For Checking Deposits - use your account number as it appears on the bottom of your check.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction diverts portions of your direct deposit to other payments and accounts. This lets you pay your SESLOC loans automatically, or easily make regular deposits to a savings account. It's an easy way to pay down debt or "pay yourself first", which builds savings and keeps your finances healthy.

U.S. Government "GO DIRECT" Program is required

Direct Deposit is REQUIRED for Social Security and federal benefit checks. Recipients must have direct deposit or be issued a Direct Express Debit MasterCard. Read more or enroll at this link:  "Go Direct"

For federal benefits checks, you will need your account and routing numbers, plus this additional information:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Claim number or the 12-digit check number of your last federal benefit check
  • Spelling of names and addresses as they appear on your federal benefit check
  • Amount of the your last federal benefit check

Need assistance?

 If you need help with Direct Deposit, you can call (805) 543-1816.