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Now it's easier to register for this exclusive benefit of HomeFREE Checking™. Protect yourself and your family.


There's only one you.
Let's keep it that way.

SESLOC has partnered with one of the nation's most trusted names in IdentityTheft Protection, NXG Strategies, to provide you with a comprehensive Identity Theft Research, Remediation and Recovery service. Most identity theft services cost $100 or more for single-person coverage, but is offered for free if you have a HomeFREE Checking account. It's just one way you get more with SESLOC. And more is better.

Benefits & Features

  • Free identity theft detection and resolution coverage - for you, your spouse or partner, plus children up to 25 years of age and parents living at home.
  • Reimbursement - for out-of-pocket expenses incurred from identity theft, up to $25,000*
  • Professional Privacy Advocates - If you suspect identity theft or wish to file a claim, you can access a Privacy Advocate toll-free at (800) 357-6392.
  • Plus, the primary account holder is entitled to receive proactive monitoring services:
    • Continuous credit monitoring**
    • Monthly credit score upon demand**
    • An annual credit report**
    • Dark web monitoring

See a full list of benefits on the registration website.


How to Get Started

After opening your HomeFREE Checking account in the branch, you will receive a letter mailed to the physical address associated with your account within 10 business days. This letter includes a unique "Member ID" and mailed separately for enhanced security. This is different from your SESLOC Member Number, Account Number or new debit card PIN. If you do not receive this letter, please call (805) 543-1816.

  • Visit and click "register now" in the login box with your Member ID. Create your profile.
  • To receive your entitlement for proactive monitoring services, complete the identity authentication process during registration to fully activate all of your services. You may complete at any time following the creation of your profile.
  • If you received more than one unique Member ID because you have multiple memberships or HomeFREE Checking accounts, you may register another trusted family member. They will receive the entitlements if they log in to activate the service. Please see complete instructions on the NXG Strategies FAQs page.
  • You'll receive communications by email or SMS text message regarding the program benefits and monitoring alerts. You can set communication preferences during registration, or update anytime. Note: this is separate from SESLOC's eList and eStatement opt-in.
  • Accept the program terms and conditions to complete account activation.

Note: Proactive monitoring services are only available for primary account holders over 18. If you opened a HomeFREE Checking account as a minor and are now age 18+, please call (805) 543-1816 or visit your nearest branch 48 hours after your date of birth to receive your unique "Member ID." 

Need support or a professional Privacy Advocate?

Please call NXG Protect services at (800) 357-6392 or view the Identity Theft Services FAQs. Privacy Advocates are available Monday-Saturday from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. PT and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. PT. and will assist you:

  • If you believe you are the victim of identity theft and need to report the incident or file a claim.
  • If you received an alert and need to talk to a Privacy Advocate.
  • If you need technical support like a password reset or help with online registration.


Terms and conditions can be found on the NXG partner site.

*Identity theft insurance is underwritten by Lyndon Southern Insurance Company, a member of the Fortega familty of companies. The information provided is a program summary. Please refer to the Identity Theft Expense Reimbursement Evidence of Coverage forms for additional information including details of benefits, specific exclusions, terms, conditions and limitations of coverage. Coverage is currently not available to residents of the state of New York and may not be available in other U.S. territories or jurisdictions in the future.

**Applicable to individuals age 18 and older who have a valid credit file. Credit monitoring, report and score are provided by TransUnion, subject to change. This credit score may not be consistent with the credit score model used by a lender, and therefore can not be relied upon to determine credit worthiness for any particular loan opportunity. 



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