Save to Win Certificate

Save to Win Share Certificate

Introducing a new way to save.

Would you like a chance to win prizes for saving your hard-earned money? With a Save to Win 12-month share certificate, every time you make a deposit of just $25 (up to 10 per month), you’ll be automatically entered in a monthly and quarterly prize drawing for a chance to win up to $5,000. 

The money you deposit in your Save to Win account is yours to keep along with the dividends earned. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, it’s time to Save to Win.

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How it works

  • Open a Save to Win 12-month Share Certificate with a minimum deposit of $25.
  • Make as many deposits as you like to your share certificate account during the 12 months. Every $25 balance increase earns you an entry into the drawings, up to 10 entries per month, which is 30 entries during a promotion period (3 months).
  • Prizes are awarded monthly and quarterly, ranging from $25 to $5,000.
  • Enjoy flexibility with the option to make one withdrawal during the 12-month period, with an early withdrawal penalty fee of $25. (You must maintain $25 in the account for it to stay open.) 
  • Everyone who opens an account is a "winner" because you get to watch your savings grow.

Why Save to Win?

We know finding the motivation to save money can be difficult—it means denying immediate gratification for the promise of long-term goals, which may include saving for emergencies or annual expenditures, such as vacations, taxes or holiday gifts. Share certificates are a good way to save because they give you a higher dividend rate than a regular share savings account. However, most share certificates require a large minimum deposit to get started and you can’t usually add funds after it’s been opened. The Save to Win share certificate is different. If you're concerned about having your money tied up, one of the best features is the ability to withdraw one time during the 12-month period (a $25 withdrawal penalty fee applies). 

We are introducing this new account to help you develop healthy savings habits in a fun way, with the added bonus of a chance to win prizes. Unlike the lottery, you keep the money you’re investing, plus earn generous dividends. 

In addition to fostering the habit of saving, we provide educational tools and resources to help you build a better financial future.


While account holders are eligible for the Central Prize drawing, we guarantee two SESLOC members win each month and one per quarter. Winners will be notified within two business days of the drawing.

Awarded exclusively to SESLOC members

Prize Drawing # of Winners Amount
Monthly 2 $25
Quarterly 1 $500

Central Prizes
Awarded to members among all participating credit unions.*

Prize Drawing # of Winners Amount
Monthly 155 $25
Monthly 2 $500
Monthly 1 $1,000
Quarterly 15 $500
Quarterly 10 $1,000
Quarterly 1 $2,500
Quarterly 1 $5,000


Monthly drawings are held on the 14th of each month. Quarterly drawings are held on the 14th of April, July, October and January. Winners are notified within two business days of each drawing.
*Learn more about the Save to Win program at

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About Save to Win
The Save to Win program was developed by Commonwealth, CU Solutions Groups and the Michigan Credit Union League (MCUL). The pilot program launched with eight Michigan credit unions in 2009 and has since expanded to several states, including the most recent in California. SESLOC is proud to be among the first credit unions in California to offer Save to Win. The program is administered by CU Solutions Group, an affiliate of MCUL. To date, the program has awarded more than $3.1 million dollars in cash prizes and has helped credit union members save nearly $200 million nationwide. To learn more about Save to Win, visit

Limit one Save to Win 12-month Share Certificate per consumer member. The account is not available to businesses, including sole proprietors, trusts and organizations. Consumer member must be 18 years or older and a resident of California to participate in the Save to Win Savings Promotion. No purchase necessary. 12-month Share Certificate account will automatically renew upon maturity. Early withdrawal incurs a penalty fee, with a limit of one withdrawal per 12-month term. Must maintain an average daily balance of $25.00 for the account to remain open. Winners agree to permit SESLOC FCU to use their likeness in promotional or their materials. Membership in good standing required for all Credit Union benefits. See the Member Account Agreement and Disclosure and Fee Schedule for additional terms, conditions and fees that apply to your account. Refer to SESLOC FCU Save to Win Savings Promotion Official Account and Prize Entry Rules for additional terms, conditions, eligibility and restrictions that may apply. 



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