With convenient 24/7 access, you can transfer funds, check balances and more.

Our Phone Teller system makes it easy to access your accounts without an internet connection or trip to a branch. Our Phone Center Representatives are also available to assist you during normal business hours.

  Call Phone Teller toll-free at (888) 4-SESLOC or 888.473.7562

Your First Login

Those registered with our older phone banking system must also follow these steps.

Press the star [*] key to begin. The system voice will prompt you to:

  • Key in your user ID (member number only).
  • Key in your PIN code.
  • Enter a new 4 to 12 digit PIN code.
  • Select or record a personal message.
  • Select three challenge questions which can be answered numerically. The system offers 10 options.

Now access to your accounts is just a phone call away.

  For more information, view the Phone Teller Guide »

Need a PIN?

  Download a PIN application. Please complete, sign and either mail, fax, or drop it by a branch office. If you have forgotten your PIN, call us at 805.543.1816.

  Please note: Federal Regulation D limits apply to certain transactions.