Level Up Member Benefits

Level Up

A SESLOC Member Benefits Program

Coming later this summer

To us, a credit union isn’t just a place. Sure, it’s where you can get the financing you need and plan for your future, but it’s also about the people who power the place. The ones who’ve been with us since our humble beginnings, rooted in academics, to the ones who’ve joined our growing community along the way. Members should be celebrated. Your membership at SESLOC is much more than just a bank account... it's a trusted relationship. And great relationships deserve great benefits.

Many of you are already earning SESLOC Reward points on eligible debit and credit card purchases, redeemable for gift cards, travel experiences, merchandise and more. However, Level Up celebrates all that you do with SESLOC.

Top Benefits

rate discounts

Loan rate

waived surcharges at on-SESLOC/COOP ATMs

Waived surcharges at

more benefits revealed soon

Plus more benefits
revealed soon!

How it Works

It's simple. SESLOC consumer members will receive points for eligible saving, transacting, and borrowing activity, plus if you have 7+ continuous years of membership. The number of points you have determines what level you are, either Level 1, 2 or 3.

Stay tuned as we'll reveal the complete requirements and benefits offered at each level in the coming weeks. Be sure to subscribe to SESLOC eList to receive the latest information straight to your inbox.

Membership is already rewarding!

Get a load of these member benefits we already offer:


What is the Level Up program?
Level Up is a free program that gives SESLOC consumer members extra benefits for growing their banking relationship with SESLOC. Members may earn points based on transacting, saving, borrowing and 7+ continuous years of membership.

How do I enroll?
Great news! All SESLOC consumer members in good standing are automatically enrolled on the program launch date. We will announce this date soon.

Why is SESLOC offering this program?
For nearly 80 years we've provided affordable financial products and services to help you reach your goals and dreams, and Level Up is yet another way to give back to our loyal members.

How is this program different from SESLOC Rewards?
We offer two distinct "rewards" programs. With SESLOC Rewards, you earn points for every HomeFREE Checking debit card purchase or Visa Signature Rewards credit card purchase. Points are then redeemed at seslocrewards.org for gift cards, travel, merchandise and more. With the Level Up program, you earn points not just for transacting, but also for saving, borrowing and for 7+ years of continuous membership. The number of Level Up program points you have will determine the increasing benefits you get, which we will reveal in detail soon.

Who is eligible for the Level Up program?
Primary consumer members aged 18+ and in good standing are eligible for the Level Up program. Please see your Consumer Member Agreement and Account Disclosure for details on what makes a member in good standing. We'll share full program terms and conditions on this page upon program launch date.

How can I view my Level Up program status?
After the program launches, you'll be able to view your Level Up program status on your monthly or quarterly consumer deposit statement, or call us at (805) 543-1816 or visit any branch.

How do I earn points?
You will earn points by transacting, saving, borrowing and having 7+ years continuous years of membership. We'll reveal more requirements for each of these activities soon.




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