Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about HomeFREE Checking rewards and Identity Theft Services

General Questions

May I opt out of these services, the SESLOC Rewards and Identity Theft Services?
No. You are auto-enrolled in both of these programs if you have a HomeFREE Checking account. However, you do not have to participate in the programs.

Are there additional terms and conditions for these services?
For SESLOC Rewards, you are asked to accept terms and conditions upon account registration online, and upon poening your ccount in branch. For Identity Theft Services, you are asked to accept terms and provide additional personal information during account activation. Please only navigate to the program websites via the links from or within Online Banking, to ensure you are entering personal information on a secure site. 

Why are the phone numbers for customer service different from the SESLOC Contact Center phone number?
The two services are provided by our partners: SESLOC Rewards is provided by CO-OP Financial Services, and ID Theft Protection is provided by NXG Strategies. Our partner’s customer service agents will be able to provide the best support if you have technical inquiries regarding their services.

  • For SESLOC Rewards support, please call (888) 211-1741.
  • For Identity Theft Services support, please call (800) 357-6392.

Will I need membership cards for these services?
No. For SESLOC Rewards, you simply use your debit card to earn points for every purchase.

SESLOC Rewards Questions

For questions regarding account management, orders or reward fullfillment, please browse the FAQs on

I just opened a HomeFREE Checking account, but I can't register on the SESLOC Rewards website.
Registration for SESLOC Rewards will be available within three (3) business days of the date your debit card was issued. If you open your account on a Friday or Saturday, registration is available by Wednesday. Please allow additional delays for federal holidays. If you are having trouble with registration, please contact (888) 211-1741. 

I am having trouble accesing the SESLOC Rewards site. 
At this time there is no mobile app, but is mobile-optimized. You will need to use one of the following supported browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer version 9.0 and above, either on mobile or desktop. Please contact (888) 211-1741 if you need additional support. 

I am a joint owner on a HomeFREE Checking account. Can we combine our points? 
Yes. Joint owners enrolled under one primary social security number (SSN) but with separate SESLOC account numbers can create one account on When you register separately, the points are automatically combined for you.

I have multiple HomeFREE Checking acounts under one membership. May I use one login for all of these acounts?
Yes. When you register with one of your debit cards, SESLOC Rewards will automatically add your other debit cards on your membership. 

I have multiple SESLOC memberships. May I use one login for all of my accounts across these memberships? 
No. You must create a separate account on SESLOC Rewards for each membership. You can only combine points if you have a joint HomeFREE Checking account.

My debit card was lost, stolen, destroyed or reissued due to fraud. How do I update my SESLOC Rewards account?
To update your debit card information, please call SESLOC Rewards customer support at (888) 211-1741. 

Who decides what rewards to provide?
The reward options are available from national, regional and local merchants and offered by our partner CO-OP Financial Services. Bonus points are earned from participating merchants of the ShopSPOT program, which is also offered by CO-OP. At this time, SESLOC does not request, negotiate or supply rewards for the program.

What is ShopSPOT?
ShopSPOT by CO-OP is a program that includes over 30,000 in-store locations and 3,500 online merchants where you can earn bonus points. For the online merchants, you use the ShopSPOT shopping portal in order to earn bonus points. For in-store, as long as you are using your SESLOC debit card, the points are earned automatically.

Do all ShopSPOT merchants offer the same amount of bonus points? Are there other deals?
No, they vary by merchant. Typically anywhere from 1 point per dollar up to 10 points or even more. The program average is 2.5 points per dollar. Merchants can offer additional deals or offers in addition to the bonus points. For the most part, the bonus points are awarded in addition to any regular deals or sales the merchant may be holding for the general public. In certain instances, the merchant may offer exclusive deals to ShopSPOT members only.

I don't see any local merchants in my area in ShopSPOT. Will more be added?
The ShopSPOT program, which is offered by our partner CO-OP, works with local merchants nationwide to provide exclusive offers. At this time, SESLOC does not request, negotiate or supply rewards for our program.

I would like to be a participating merchant in ShopSPOT.
Great! If you participate, you will provide value to SESLOC members while promoting your business. Please contact and we will connect you with a representative from the ShopSPOT program.

How are the rewards fulfilled, and how long does it take?
Rewards are fulfilled upon receipt of the redemption request according to the terms and conditions of the SESLOC Rewards program. SESLOC does not store reward inventory at any location. Some merchandise is shipped directly to you and some items are drop-shipped from suppliers. Downloadable rewards are fulfilled immediately upon request. Please browse the FAQs on for more information.

Who do I call if I have questions about SESLOC Rewards?
For SESLOC Rewards customer service, please call toll-free (888) 211-1741. The phone line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, with the exception of a few holidays. At this time, there is no email or live chat support.

How often are points updated?
Point accruals are updated in real time. Log in to to see your points listed in the upper right side of every page (on desktop). Your monhtly statement will also include your point acrrual and redeemption log.

Where can I get a catalog of available rewards to see what I can redeem?
The catalog is only offered online via the website. A print version is not available.

Will I be notified of new reward options?
Yes. During registration online at, you will be asked to set your communication preferences. You can change these preferences by unsubscribing, either by clicking the link at the bottom of an email you receive, or managing your preferences via your account settings in Please note these email preferences are different than SESLOC’s eList, which is general member news about important updates to products and services like events and free seminars. Some emails you can expect to receive:

• SESLOC Rewards program activity confirmations (ex. order recipets, password reset).
• One quarterly e-statement with your points accrual and redemption logs, sent by
• Periodic marketing emails highlighting special offers from ShopSPOT, sent by You will get this email only if you participate in the ShopSPOT section of

Identity Theft Services Questions

For questions regarding Identity Theft Detection and Recovery Services, please browse the FAQs on the registration site or call (800) 357-6392.

What is a unique "Member ID?" and how do I get one?
If you had a checking account prior to October 15, 2018 with SESLOC, your unique "Member ID" was mailed to the physical address associated with your account by Novermber 1, 2018. If you opened your account after October 15, 2018, this unique "Member ID" will be mailed to you within 15 days of account open. It is mailed to you separately for security reasons. This number is different from your SESLOC member number, account number or PIN. You will need it to register for Identity Theft Services. If you misplaced or lost this notice, call our Contact Center at (805) 543-1816.

I have HomeFREE Checking and never recieved a unique "Member ID."
Please call our Contact Center at (805) 543-1816 for assistance, or visit your nearest branch to get your unique "Member ID."

I don't have a HomeFREE Checking account, but would like to have Identity Theft Services. May I purchase separately?
No. At this time, Identity Theft Services are only available for SESLOC members with HomeFREE Checking. However, this account is available for free! Learn more, or visit any branch to open an account today.



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