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SESLOC has partnered with EVERFi, an online financial education platform, to provide unbiased and practical information on a variety of topics for all knowledge levels and life stages.

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Financial security starts with understanding how to manage your money. At SESLOC, we provide the tools to help you succeed because, as a Credit Union member, your success is our success.


This resource is a complimentary service for members, but we invite you to share with friends, family, and especially the younger generations who are just learning how to manage money wisely.


emergency savings iconEmergency Savings

Do you have enough in savings in case you lose your job or have a minor emergency? Explore how much is recommended you maintain in an emergency fund. Start Course »


home iconConsidering Home Ownership?

Explore the benefits of home ownership and the costs associated with a mortgage and owning a home. Start Course »


credit score iconCredit Scores and Reports

Learn about the importance of your credit score, the factors that impact it and ways to protect your credit score. Start Course »


retirement iconRetirement 101

Explore how much money you will need to save for retirement and investment options that will help you meet your retirement savings goals. Start Course »


calculator iconFamily Conversations About Money

Learn about topics, strategies, and best practices for having family conversations about money. Start Course »


About EVERFi

From grade school through retirement, EVERFI’s financial education offerings empower members to make safe, smart, and informed financial decisions. Their interactive curriculum is designed to build financial knowledge and financial capability. By connecting key concepts to real-world scenarios, EVERFI activates  a network of more than 16 million informed economic decision-makers, bringing measurable results to various organizations, including K-12 schools and credit unions like SESLOC.