SESLOC Money Coaches

SESLOC Money Coaches

Keep your budget on track with your personal Money Coach

We're proud to offer the expertise of certified Money Coaches, who can help you get control of your finances. Your Money Coach is a guide — helping you understand your credit report, how to develop a budget and tackle debt, and will support your goals for financial health and well-being. This new program is just another way we embody the credit union philosophy of people helping people.

What you can expect:

Your Money Coach can help you with your full financial picture, or just a specific problem — like how to handle an error on a credit report. Money Coaches support you as you set your goals and develop a path towards financial well-being as measured by four categories:

  1. Spending: Spend less than income; pay bills on time.
  2. Saving: Have enough liquid savings to absorb a moderate financial shock; have sufficient long-term savings or assets.
  3. Borrowing: Have a sustainable debt load; have a good credit score.
  4. Planning: Have appropriate insurance coverage; have a plan for future expenses (goals).

How to get started:

  1. Download your credit report from
  2. Complete a short self-assessment.
  3. Schedule a 1:1 session with a personal Money Coach, and bring along your credit report and self-assessment.


Note: some branches have limited availability. You may visit any branch to get started.