Remote Deposit Capture FAQ (RDC)

Remote Deposit Capture

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remote Deposit Capture?
Remote Deposit Capture is a secure online service that allows you to scan paper checks from your business location and electronically deposit the images to your SESLOC business account within minutes. Make business account deposits 24/7. No need to drive to a branch or put checks in the mail.

Who can use Remote Deposit Capture?
Remote Deposit Capture is available to qualified business members via SESLOC Business Online Banking.

How do I sign up for Remote Deposit Capture?
Signing up for Remote Deposit Capture is easy. Simply contact us at one of our branch locations or call us at (805) 543-1816. A knowledgeable Business Services employee will assist you through the simple application process.

How does Business Remote Deposit Capture work?
Checks are conveniently deposited from your office in just a few simple steps.

  • Select your account
  • Scan the checks
  • Review the batch and make any corrections
  • Submit the deposit

System and Scanner Requirements

What do I need to use this service?
To use Remote Deposit Capture you will need:
• To be an active SESLOC Business Online Banking User
• An active Business Checking account with SESLOC (all accounts and loans must be in good standing)
• A properly supported desktop scanner connected to a supported PC
• Windows 7 or higher
• Internet Explorer 10 or higher (compatibility mode is not supported)
• JavaScript and Active X must be allowable on your computer
• Pop-up blockers must be disabled or the site added as exception

How do I obtain a scanner?
You can obtain a scanner by going to

• Select the “Check Scanner” tab.
• Select the scanner that will work best for you and your business
• Check out

What if I already own a check scanner?
You may be able to use your own check scanner. Contact us at (805) 543-1816 to find out if your scanner is on our list of currently supported scanners.

Fees and Limits

Is there a fee to use this service?
Yes. There is a $30 monthly fee for Remote Deposit Capture.

Is there a daily/monthly limit?
RDC transaction limits are determined on a case by case basis. We will work with you to determine the exact limits for your business.

How many checks per day can I scan and deposit using this service?
There is no limit to the number of checks you can deposit per month.

Can multiple deposits be submitted each day?
Yes. You can make multiple deposits in one day.

Scanning Checks For Deposit

What types of checks can be scanned for deposit?
Acceptable check types made payable to the business in U.S. dollars include: personal checks, business checks, money orders or cashier’s checks drawn on a financial institution located within the U.S.
NOTE: You may not deposit third party check using this service. You may only deposit checks made payable to your business.

What accounts can I deposit checks into using this service?
Using Remote Deposit Capture you may deposit checks into your approved SESLOC Business accounts (excluding CD’s and Loans).

Can a loan payment be made using this service?
No. A loan payment cannot be made using this service: however once the deposit is credited to your Business account, you can transfer funds to make a loan payment online or in a branch.

Can I deposit checks into multiple accounts in one deposit?
No. You may only deposit checks into one account per deposit.

What is the cutoff time for deposits made via this service?
The cutoff time is 3:00 pm PST, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. Transactions received after the cutoff, or on a day that is not a business day, will be processed on the following business day.

When will my deposit be available in my business account?
In most cases, checks will be posted the same day and the funds will be available according to our Funds Availability policy (available by visiting one of our branches or calling (805) 543-1816.

What happens if a check is processed more than once via this service?
If a check is processed more than once via this service, we reserve the right to return the duplicate check. The check may also be flagged when running the check through Remote Deposit Capture.

Can I make deposits to my personal accounts?
No, currently this service only supports deposits to your business accounts.

Check Retention

What should I do with the check once it’s been scanned?
Members are responsible for secure retention of the original check(s). Please store your check(s) in a secure area for 30 days from date of deposit. In the event of a deposit dispute, SESLOC my require presentation of the original check to settle the dispute.

After 30 days, destroy the check(s) using a paper shredder or another method of secure destruction for paper checks. Do NOT destroy scanned checks until you have verified posting (via your SESLOC Business Online Banking history or monthly account statement).


I tried to access this service from SESLOC Business Online Banking but I could not access.
If you have applied for and were approved for Remote Deposit Capture, you will see the link under the “Business Services” tab within SESLOC’s Business Online Banking platform. If you do not see the link, call us at (805) 543-1816 for assistance.

I enabled this Feature for a Manage User; however, they are getting an “An unknown error has occurred” message when they try and access it, why?
If the User is receiving this message, please verify his/her rights in SESLOC Business Online Banking system. At a minimum, the User must have View or Deposit or Withdraw rights enabled on an account for Remote Deposit Capture to function.

The check image failed after scanning, why?
Check image quality must meet certain specifications:

  • Checks should be written in blue or black ink; the scanner may not be able to read other colored ink.
  • Handwriting must be legible
  • The MICR line must be fully intact
  • Checks must be signed and properly endorsed
  • Rescanning the check may solve the problem.

If you continue to experience the problem, you may need to deposit the check at one of our branch locations or mail the check in for deposit.

I’m having some issues getting my checks to scan, do you have any tips?

  • When scanning a batch of checks, the optimal number for a batch is between 50-100 checks. The optimal number for a batch may vary based on your internet connection.
  • To avoid check jams, arrange your stack of checks in order of size from smallest to largest with the lower right corners lined up.
  • Make sure all checks are facing the same direction and all rubber bands, paper clips or staples have been removed.
  • Tap the bottom of the stack of checks to align the stack before loading it in the scanner.
  • Clean your scanner often to ensure clear images and to avoid the need to frequently correct items.

I’m having an issue with my scanner, driver/technical issue, who can I contact?
If you have any scanner, driver or any technical questions regarding your check scanner, please contact either UniLink or SESLOC’s Contact Center. Representatives are available Monday through Friday.

  • Hardware/scanner related issues: UniLink at 1-800-666-2980 (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST)
  • Driver installation or connectivity issues: SESLOC Contact Center at (805) 543-1816 (8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. PST)