Making Deposits

Making Deposits 24/7

Skip a branch visit.

Making deposits to your SESLOC account is easy. Drop boxes are found inside and outside at every SESLOC branch, or use these convenient options:

  • Mobile Deposit – With our SESLOC Mobile app, you can snap a picture of your endorsed check and deposit it to your SESLOC account.
  • Payroll Deduction and Direct Deposit – If this service is available through your employer, you can send a portion of each paycheck (Payroll Deduction) or all of your paycheck (Direct Deposit) to your SESLOC savings or checking account.You’ll need to provide your employer with the loan account number and SESLOC’s routing number: 322282713
  • Open Transfers – SESLOC’s Online Banking allows you to move money to and from your SESLOC Account and other financial institutions. Set up and verification is required. Please allow 2-3 business days to transfer funds.
  • ATM Deposits – We offer more than 50 local surcharge-free ATMs, and many of these accept deposits when you use your SESLOC ATM or Debit card. We can issue you a card by phone or instantly at any SESLOC branch

Financial Wellness

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