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Notice of Elections

Notice of Elections
for SESLOC Directors

Each spring, SESLOC members select
Directors to lead our Credit Union.

February 11, 2022

SESLOC Federal Credit Union’s Board of Directors is comprised of seven members who are elected to serve three-year terms.

A call for Applications for Nomination is announced on October 1 each year. In accordance with Credit Union bylaws, the SESLOC Board Chairman appoints a Nominating Committee to nominate at least one eligible member for each vacancy on the Board.

The Nominating Committee has nominated these members to fill two Board vacancies.

Candidate Statements

Jacqueline (Jacquie) Paulsen,
Member since 1976

SESLOC has been a major part of my life for over 45 years. When I began working at Cal Poly in 1976, I joined SESLOC. I was elected to the Credit Committee and served many years mostly as chairperson before volunteering for the Board of Directors in 1989. My college background of Business and Finance, several years working in the banking industry and marketing, and other related jobs, allowed this opportunity.

I am so proud to be a part of SESLOC’s fine culture and its philosophy of helping our members and our community. We’ve hired top notch staff, grown in technology, added many new products for members’ use, survived COVID and federal regulations, consistently received high ratings for safety and soundness from NCUA (federal regulators) and have kept fees low.
I love SESLOC and am honored to serve as your representative on the Board.

Thomas Lebens, Ph.D., Incumbent, Member since 1983

I first joined SESLOC in 1983 while in high school, the son of two public educators. SESLOC served me through my college years, into married life, and through the raising of my two adult children. While at Cal Poly, I worked with SESLOC in my capacity as ASI President to bring SESLOC onto campus. It is exciting now, as a Board Member, community member, and local attorney, to see SESLOC come back to campus.

It has been my pleasure to invest my legal and technical experience on behalf of the Members of our member-owned, member-directed institution. Should the Members re-elect me, I will continue to serve their interests and offer my experience in cybersecurity, information technology, finance and audit.

Anthony Cangelosi, Ph.D., Incumbent
Member since 1999

I am honored to serve on the SESLOC Board of Directors and various committees since 2007. I am committed to setting policies that will enable SESLOC to continue to move forward with sound financial condition.
As an active member of my local and national trade associations, I keep up-to-date on financial news including tax laws and trends in consumer economics that drive demands of main street consumers who rely on credit unions and demand the highest level of service and commitment.

My professional background makes me especially qualified to serve on the Board. I have a Cal Poly business administration degree. I am also a Real Estate Broker, California Probate Referee and Certified Public Accountant.

Eligible Voters

Primary account holders who have reached age 18 by March 1, 2022, are eligible to vote. Joint account owners are not eligible to vote unless they are the primary account holder on a separate account.



In accordance with Credit Union bylaws, no election will be held and there will be no nominations from the floor when the number of nominees equals the number of positions to be filled. If an election is required, members are notified at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting on March 22, 2022.

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